Open Shelters

Available in three designs to meet every need:

    S1-Half Open
    S2-Centre Opening
    S3-Fully Open

...and in a wide variety of sizes.


Shelters can be free-standing or incorporated into stabling layouts as required. Built to the same high specification as that of our Loose Boxes and to the same eaves height - 7'4". Boarded sections are available for infilling the open fronts or to divide the building under the trusses. Windows or doors can be incorporated as required.


NOTE: The area where the shelter is to be erected must first be levelled and made solid with suitable hardcore before erection can take place.


Shelters can be erected on either one or two courses of engineering bricks on a concrete base or 75 x 100mm pressure treated timber plinth on levelled ground.


For more information on availability and prices please call us on 01509 274184 or email us [email protected]